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Oh I’m so there…

By On 21 Feb ’07

Jag såg dom senast dom var här och det var galet bra. Jag SKA ha biljetter om jag så måste mörda för dom.… Read More

Mode & Skönhet

Concerts – the Sneak version

By On 2 Sep ’06

I really wanna go to these concerts but I don’t want to get regular prize tickets, instead I intend to go up to the Globe arena (and to Debaser) and se if… Read More


Touring The Angel

By On 26 Feb ’06

Depeche Mode are “Touring The Angel” and on Wednesday March 1st they are coming to my hometown and it will be sweet I’m sure. Apparently the Decadent Boy, Martin Gore, who has… Read More


“If you don’t believe in Bush or Blair, put two fingers in the air”

By On 21 Feb ’06

Yesterday J and I went to see Mattafix (a hip-hop band out of UK) performing tracks from their new album “Signs of a Struggle”. Roots and a sense of belonging are themes… Read More